Vibration Analysis

Depending on the project, there a variety of conditions that may require a detailed vibration assessment. his can be a healthcare facility with a helipad located on the roof over neonatal care spaces or recovery rooms, maybe it is a railway located in close proximity to residential spaces, maybe it’s a subway line located below restaurant spaces or possibly addressing footfall and HVAC vibration to research & development labs spaces. In each scenario vibration will be an important factor to consider in the overall acoustic and noise environmental for the end user.

At times conducting vibration measurements will help identify issues allowing for the inclusion of recommended solutions. Other times a detailed vibration analysis of the structure is required to predict vibration transmitted into occupied areas.

Our global acoustic consultants and technicians make use of software such as ANSYS to import structures and apply forces enabling the prediction of vibration in specific areas of concern. With this knowledge, we are able to determine the level of vibration isolation necessary to achieve design goals. With the use of these acoustic and vibration models, we are able to quickly alter and modify solutions and coordinate with the structural team member and project owner.