Inspections and Commissioning

To ensure a success project, we must consider going beyond simply delivering reports. While the design stages are indeed critical to help be certain costs are controlled, details are understood and materials are specified; it is equally important to make sure the project s acoustically “built right”.

By coordinating in the early stages of construction, we are able to discuss with the general contractor and the associated disciplines the intent of the acoustic and noise control design. It allows an opportunity to share how acoustic partitions are to be constructed or the vibration isolation measures necessary to prevent structure-borne noise. This is a valuable component that can forego acoustic and noise issues after the project is completed. As a part of the design team, we at JCK Acoustics strive to make sure that we are on-site to walk through and verify that the details in the drawings are accurately applied in-field and constructed as per the construction drawing details.

At JCK Acoustics Group, we are committed to helping create successful projects. In doing so, we regularly provide inspection and acoustic commissioning to verify all is completed to the related acoustic specifications. At the appropriate stages, we provide field acoustic measurements and sound leak tests as well as impact noise measurements, floor vibration measurements air velocity measurements, reverberation time measurements as required specifically for each project.