Testing and Measurements

The best method to ensure acoustic compliance is through testing and measurements. While we may aim to achieve acoustic design goals with detailing and predictions. Nothing beats confirmation with acoustic measurements. Acoustic measurements are conducted to verify acoustic performance and to investigate problematic noise issues. Measurements may be required as part of condominium CCNR’s and HOA agreements for floor impact insulation or can be more detailed as part of WELL for Acoustic credits or even under LEED for Acoustics. These are the basics!

Acoustics and Noise Measurements are not only used for verification purposes but also for investigating noise issues. With the use of the latest real-time spectrum analyses and acoustic cameras we can visit a site and identify industrial noise sources, commercial noise issues, identify acoustic leaks, and determine sources of structure-borne vibration.

Our Test & Measurement services are geared towards delivering precise insights into your acoustic environment. Using the latest equipment and adhering to industry standards, we conduct a comprehensive range of tests to gauge sound insulation, noise levels, and more. Our detailed reports provide actionable data for optimizing your acoustic design. What sets us apart is our commitment to going beyond the surface. When test results indicate discrepancies, we dive deeper to uncover the reasons behind them. This investigative approach ensures that we not only provide measurements but also offer meaningful solutions to enhance your acoustic experience.

At JCK Acoustics we are fully equipped to conduct sound tests complying with ASTM and ISO standards wherever needed. Our experience ranges from typical STC and IIC tests for condominium owners and associations to more in depth noise measurements aiding to achieve WELL Acoustics and LEED Acoustic compliance. We are prepared for conducting sound absorption measurements of materials as well as sound transmission measurements, ground-borne vibration, structure-borne vibration, speech intelligibility, and other qualitative acoustic measurements.