Building Services Noise and Vibration Control

Equipment associated with typical building systems are often some of the major sources of noise in a building. In any building there are the service systems associated with providing heating and air-conditiong as well as plumbing and electrical to the occupants and end users of the space. This typically involves the use of large air-hanlding units, fan coil units, compressors, pumps, transformers etc.

The common element in all of these pieces of equipment is that they make use of reciprocating or rotating elements such as fans, motors, pumps and compressors which generate noise and vibration forces that once entered into structure can be challenging to reduce. More over, it is often the case that the largest equipment is located on the roof which happens to be above the most noise critical and expensive spaces. Adequate noise and vibration control in best achieved, and least costly when addressed during the design phases of a project. Our services include reviewing all the schedules and equipment to make sure the necessary measures are include to prevent intrusive noise.