Environmental Noise

Often Environmental Acoustics can be separated into the noise generated by the project site and received by nearby receiving properties and conversely noise from the surrounding environment received on the project site and in the receiving spaces. Often a project will require specific site noise levels to be determined before moving forward to ensure additional attenuation measures are or are not needed. Additionally, many state and municipal codes require that a noise assessment be completed to ensure that project and its associated HVAC equipment will comply with local ordinances. These are the most common conditions.

At times environment noise assessments can be more complex. At times 3D noise modeling can be necessary to assess the level of noise impact generated from multiple sources such as railways and aircraft. Or at times predicting the future increase in noise levels associated with street traffic is also needed. Wind turbines are another source of noise that can be a nuisance to local residences and business owners that must be considered. Most project types whether they are offices, schools, residences, hotels or hospitals will have guidelines or criteria that specify allowable noise levels either on-site or at interior locations.

At JCK Acoustics Group, we implement the lastest in software modeling to allow us to predict the expected noise generated from various noise source types. From these models we are able to determine the most cost effective solutions or determine the level impact expected to nearby occupants.