A good night's sleep . . .
Noise control is an essential aspect of the hotels guest experience. Poor acoustic performance is one of the major complaints received by hotel operators from their guests. They have increasingly expressed the importance of noise control at each grade of hotel design from budget to luxury hotels. Additionally, to help gain the attention of customers, hotels are often located adjacent to airports, highways and rapid transit systems. Whether the source is from traffic, aircraft, building systems of other activities within the hotel itself, noise is a major disturbance. Hotels are complex buildings incorporating many types of functions that generate noise in close proximity to sensitive receivers such as guest rooms.

Each year, J.D. Power conducts its North American Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study, seeking the opinions of approximately 50-60,000 travelers. Noise has regularly ranked first in the list of complaints, industry wide. It irritates guests during the day and continues to affect their ability to sleep long after they have adjusted to their new surroundings.

The financial impact of this problem can be substantial. Dissatisfied guests are less likely to return to a property and more inclined to voice their frustration to others and post negative reviews online. As a result, the hotels reputation can suffer. In many cases, there are also direct costs associated with appeasing unhappy guests, such as offering room rebates and discounted services.

At JCK Acoustics Group we have extensive experience with the needs of noise control and acoustic performance in the design of hotel projects in the U.S. and Asia. We have recently completed an extensive noise survey of 100 hotels in Shanghai regarding the guest experience. We work with operators, designers and developers around the globe to help address architectural acoustic isolation and building systems noise and vibration. We provide supporting recommendations for other amenity spaces such as fitness room, meeting rooms, ballrooms and provide key details to ensure performance. We understand the needs and requirements for sound quality, background noise levels and sound isolation expected from guests.


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