Healthcare Acoustics

Acoustic design and noise control in Healthcare facilities are a vital part of patient rest and recovery. The Press Ganey satisfaction surveys have indicated that noise and its adverse impact on rest significantly affect patient satisfaction. Engineering healthcare acoustics to provide continuous, consistent and suitable background sound levels results in a more comfortable environment and helps reduce the annoyance a patient experiences as a result of intruding noise. This is important not only for patient recovery but more so even for neo-natal care rooms.

Healthcare acoustics, present a wide range of challenges for healthcare facilities managers from HIPAA oral speech privacy compliance to quiet patient and neo-natal care environments to MRI vibration isolation to noise control for emergency ground and air traffic services. In addition, those wishing to achieve LEED certification for healthcare acoustics must meet specific environmental quality standards. Revised guidelines developed by the Facilities Guidelines Institute (FGI) have incorporated many of the acoustic requirements such as sound transmission of partitions, environmental noise, building systems noise levels and vibration.

Our independent acoustical consultants work closely with architects, facilities managers, and HIPAA compliance officers to design proper acoustical environments to improve patient satisfaction, protect patient privacy, and limit egal exposure related to HIPPA Oral Speech Privacy Compliance.

At JCK Acoustics Group, we test and measure audible and intelligible sound and voice transmission to control, isolate, and mitigate noise. We employ acoustics modeling software to predict and evaluate acoustics in healthcare facility designs. For existing healthcare facilities, we use state-of-the-art acoustics measurement technology and predictive modeling to assess possible issues and evaluate solutions. We also design healthcare acoustics solutions for noise and vibration from mechanical systems, power plants, medical technology, and environmental sources.

JCK Acoustics Group has the experience to provide the necessary support to guarantee the needs of speech privacy are achieved as well as evaluating spaces to house vibration sensitive equipment. We have the knowledge to work closely with contractors and equipment manufacturers to coordinate solutions to ensure implementation a coustic designs and performance is achieved.


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