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Office acoustics have a direct correlation to worker productivity, with workplace studies citing noise as the most significant distraction. In recent years, office speech privacy issues have increasingly become a concern resulting with open workstation configurations. At JCK Acoustics Group, we consult with architects and interior designers to help create office and work environments that control acoustic isolation and quality in office environment that supports performance, productivity, and collaborative workplace objectives.

Our experience includes acoustical consultation and solutions for open and closed, office designs for new construction, remodeling, and retrofit projects. We use an integrated approach to design office acoustical solutions that considers architectural spaces, ceiling, wall, and floor coverings and materials, furniture systems, and sound masking technology. Our office acoustical solutions evaluate workspace utilization and levels of desired employee and team interaction as well as office speech privacy and confidentiality needs. We also analyze office acoustics to develop solutions to control, isolate, or mitigate noise from building systems, office equipment, paging systems, and other sources.

For offices in the design phase, we employ sophisticated acoustical modeling software to predict and analyze office acoustics. In offices that are already built, we use our acoustical measurement technology and predictive modeling to analyze existing office acoustics and evaluate alternative remedies for acoustical problems.



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